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An invisible temporary studio.

Many artists work in isolation. Online communities can feel isolating: you never know if people are really there with you.

In a time when every space is trying to be everything for everyone and grow at all costs, Imaginary Residency has intentional boundaries. The time is limited, the number of participants is limited, and the scope is limited. Imaginary Residency is a space to support each other in our individual practises, in the forms we are able.

Imaginary Residency will transform itself to meet our needs. The residency might include reflection, community, artistic accountability, helping and teaching each other. Different people come with different needs and circumstances around artistic practice. You are welcome, with any medium, education, or career level. There are no messages, no emails, no homework, only one meeting a week. We hope to make a temporary space that asks very little of you but gives a lot.



The first edition of Imaginary Residency is running now, from March 6th 2021 to April 10th 2021, and is being hosted and moderated by Marie and Jessica on a private Jitsi server.